fredag den 30. september 2011

Til en fyr jeg engang elskede.

Dette er skrevet for længe siden.

Beauty isn't about how you look on outside, it's about how you look inside.
and trust me baby,
no matter, if i look on the outside or in the inside,
you're stille beautiful no matter what,
and no matter how deep i look inside you,
you just become more and more beautiful for every day, every minute and every second that pass.
you don't know how much you have teached me baby,
i can't thank you enough for showing me real beauty.
and i feel like you're the only one who sees the real me,
and i couldn't be more grateful than i am,
but you keep amazing me,
and no matter how mad, sad or annoyed i am at somebody,
you just keep putting a smile on my face,
and i don't know how you do it,
you just do it
and i wish for every day, every minute and every second that pass,
that we will meet soon,
for damn baby, you so damn amazing.
and when i look at pictures of you,
you just keep glowing of that beauty,
and i want it, i want so badly.
but no matter how hard i try,
i just can't be as beautiful as you are,
and now that i think of it,
i can't find anyone who is much as beautiful as you are sweety
i could keep going on this, but i also need to let you breathe,
and not getting on your nerves.
and i certainly don't want to be an pain in the ass for you,
because you mean so much to me,
that it's incredible.
i feel like i have known you for years,
but it's first for now i see the beauty,
and it's deifnately not a bad thing,
and i think i'm having a crush on you,
and just hope that one day you'll be mine!
and i know my english isn't perfect,
but hey, if you think it's sounds better and like it,
why not? give it a try,
otherwise you'll never get better.
but believe me baby,
that day we'll meet, which is hopefully soon,
then i hope you'll be mine,
and to that, i promise i'll never hurt you,
i will never cheat on you,
i will treat you as were you my one and only thing,
and as if you were the prettiest and most fragile flower in the gard,
which you already are, and you just keep growing bigger and bigger,
and more beautiful for every second that pass.
i know i have repeated me once in a while,
but i just need to get it out,
because you keep making me thinking of you,
and it's lovely,
because it's so so long time that someone ever had done that to me.
and i love you for it,
because you have reminded me of that feeling who is loving, warm, sensitive and most of all how to carry it around,
without breaking it.
i have been so hurt by so many guys,
and i was sure that i would never find a guy who sees me just like i am,
and there you were, out of nowhere,
and you just changed it all in a few days,
and thank god, because i've been looking for you for years,
and was started to wonder where you were going,
and you just turned my life from miserable to wonderful in no time.
just remeber this sweety,
no matter what happened, i will always be by your side !
i love you my prince charming i; 

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